Advertising Deposit and Non-Deposit Products

Today more than ever financial institutions are competing for consumers in an environment where rates are not what they used to be. Regardless of the product, checking accounts, savings accounts or CDs, there are rules and limits to what a financial institution can and must include in an advertisement for such products. In this webinar, we will give you solid advice and actionable steps to take when creating, reviewing, and implementing deposit and non-deposit product advertisements.

We Will Cover:

• Basic terms and definitions, for example the difference between trigger terms and triggered terms
• Deposit product advertising rules, the do’s and do
• Advertising promotional and introductory rates
• Advertising non-deposit products and insurance advertising rules

Who Should Attend:

Chief Operating Officers, department heads, marketing managers, auditors, counsel, and Compliance Officers should attend this webinar.

Air date: September 3, 2020
(Courses are current as of the date aired)

Instructor Name: Trey Anderson

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